About Blueprint Camp Founder


Linnell M. Burton, Blueprint Camp, L.L.C., 
Certified Crime Scene Technician, Founder/Owner & Educator
In 2004, Linnell graduated from Troy State University with a Master’s Degree of Public Administration with a specialization in Criminal Justice Administration in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her Associates in Liberal Arts from Oakland Community College, Royal Oak, Michigan in 1997. As well she procured a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from Clark Atlanta University in 2000. Upon completion of undergraduate studies; she began her professional career in law enforcement with The City of Atlanta Police Department as a Crime Scene Technician then promoted to Senior Crime Scene Technician. In 2005, she continued her career with the DeKalb County Police Department as a Master Crime Scene Investigator. Where investigator Burton was chosen to appear on THE FIRST [48] season 12, episode 4 titled “Last Words/No Where to Hide and her forensic digital photographs used in the documentary on SNAPPED Season 15 Episode 8.” 

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Furthermore, Ms. Burton has trained Science Teachers of Georgia for Professional Learning Development in the concentrated area of forensic science. Also, she facilitates numerous forensic science workshops, webinars, workshops and lectures at STEM-based science conferences. Her training includes, but not limited to the following concentrated area of forensic science, law enforcement, and education;

  • Crime Scene Technician

  • Latent Print Development

  • Fingerprint Classification

  • Latent Print Identification

  • Latent Print Processing

  • Basic ASP Baton

  • Collecting DNA Evidence at Property Crime Scene

  • Crime Scene and DNA Basics for DNA Analysts

  • Basic Photography

  • Blood Pattern Analysis

  • Crime Scene Investigation Certificate

  • Crime Zone CAD-Crime Scene Sketching

  • Size, Shape, & Surface Effects in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction with Mannequins

  • BPA Court Room Demonstrative: Help Juries Understand Angle of Impact

  • Effective Expert Witness Testimony

  • Casting Techniques for Multiple Purposes Using Mikrosil, Casting Material

  • Metal Detectors for the Discovery of Metallic Evidence ( Training Course)

  • Marijuana – Certified Examiners Course

  • GBI Crime Lab for Officer – Module 1

  • GBI Crime Lab for Officer – Module 2

  • Buried Body & Surface Skeleton Workshop

  • Iphone, Ipad Apps for CSI (Training Course)

  • Evidence Collection & Preservation

  • Forensic Pieces of Crime Scene Certification Book Review Course Preparation 


  • Basic Photography for Criminal Investigations

  • Evidence Presentation

  • Crime Scene Investigations

  • Bloodstain Documentation and Collection Methods